Fuyuka Shindo (b. 1975, Japan) is an artist. Shindo’s artworks often relate to Hokkaido, where she was born and live. Varies medias are employed in her artworks like traditional crafts and clothes, texts, photographs and find objects.
Her project in Hamburg are based on the research which deals with imported ethnological objects from Hokkaido to Hamburg in 19c and 20c. From this research, she makes own collection of ethnological objects , which includes objects, clothes, catalog cards and photo documents. At the night on 15th April, 2025 becomes a photo studio for shooting portrait with these clothes as the photo documents. The shooting is hired classic style called Wet Plate Photograph, which was invented in mid 19c. Oliver Rolf from Platinum kindly takes charge of this photo shooting and developing process this time.
Shindo finished her degree MA fine art in Northern Ireland and participates exhibitions and residences in Japan and other countries. Since March 2016, she has stayed in Achterhaus for Residency 2016 nominated by the Ministry of Culture in Hamburg. Additionally, Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg generously provides opportunity to Shindo to access their resource for her research.

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