»What! Art thou, like the adder, waxen deaf? Be poisonous too and kill thy forlorn queen.«

Art can result to be poisonous from its own past?
What is the real past in Art that now we venerate? Is it not an obligation of todays artists to reveal the secrets of this past ? Secrets hermetically sealed under the skin of a work of art? Or even encrypted sometimes or shwing anger and disappointment.
And how we, the artists are still keeping a commitment to this past.
How do we deal with it?
Under which condition and which conceptual approach we develop a dialogue with?
In a video installation and performance event to near an hour of duration while the video works will play Filippos Tsitsopoulos will hold a theatrical dialogue between himself, the screens and its performative Otherness and will reflect under masquerade conditions these subjects and its emotional aspects of questioning about if and how and when Art can be result as an infection to its own past, at AKTION 2025


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