Hamburg is a macho hetero-normative city with an outmoded alternative subculture based on a bourgeoisie background that feels like a dirty used furniture store. The cultural elite are white middle class. The cultural producers are their children. There are 6 gay students in the art school. There are two Mexicans. Do you know that feeling? <32HH8IT will show a few queer positions from the Hamburg art scene. The DJs BabyBlue and DarkNet will be performing reggeaton beats in their series of musical performances that contrast with their non-latinx surroundings. Fabio Cirillo’s installation of various oversized body parts becomes his costume for a performance of a German chanson about love, difference and rejection. Roman Gysin’s new work was recently likened by Thomas Demand to Arte Povera. For this event she will transform into Alte Povera. <32HH8IT is the result of Garrett Nelson’s Artist Residency at Achterhaus Hamburg in collaboration with the participating artists.

with: Marvin Dosal Moses Al-Maraz, Fabio Cirillo, Roman Gysin & Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

weitere Informationen / 2025 Kunst und Kultur e.V. / Ruhrstrasse 88 / 22761 Hamburg / 2025ev* / gefördert durch die Kulturbehörde Hamburg