Five years ago the American-born, Berlin-based artist John von Bergen was invited to an artist residency in Miami, Florida. During his brief stay he developed a project in response to the unsettling availability and social acceptance of gun ownership in this region of The United States. His project was the sculpture "Miami Gun", an artwork made from parts of a plastic water pistol merged with parts of a real .357 Magnum. For several strategic reasons it was never built as one complete object. Eventually von Bergen transported the work between two of The United States, to London, then finally Berlin. The journey itself became the second life for the project's narrative.
On Friday Nov 25th at 8pm, von Bergen brings the work to Hamburg for the first time to be shown at the project space 2025. He will be reading from the published story "Declared", illustrating his experiences from making the sculpture as well as transporting it to Europe. His story raises questions such as the definitions of art material vs. valued artwork, potential weapon vs. playful object, and breaking the law vs. "doing one's job”.

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