TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It. It means something unimaginably massive has happened. TEOTWAWKI is not a small-time local emergency. It’s an event that throws us all back into [...], a world of prolonged brutal survival. (—probably)
Somehow this scenario becomes more appealing to me every day. I sense a promise in doom—the promise of ultimate catastrophe that puts an end to the world (as we know it)—contrary to the abstract threat that lingers, like gauzy atmospheric layers muffling the earth. We all sense it, this atmosphere of fear, glooming in the periphery of our contemporary field of vision. I see two options: to plant the bomb ourselves or to wait for somebody else to do it. Be true to yourself, we’re not brave enough to leave this life behind us just yet, which means we have to stay put. We’re stuck in this waiting room called life, rotting away in a miserable existence, being witness to the decay of our own bodies. —The one thing I can’t stand is boredom. Listen, maybe we can prepare. There is no way to strip ourselves of the tiniest remaining thrill, even if it is directed at the things yet to come. Again there are two options, either finding some activity while waiting (even the most senseless ones will do) or going mad. The issue is, there’s no way to go mad on purpose.

TEOTWAWKI ist ein Workshop von Andy Prepp und ein Videodreh von Daniel Hopp. Ein Parkour und Zirkeltraining bilden das funktionale Setting für ein Spiel / einen Wettkampf, bei dem jede*r gegen jede*n antritt, performed, beobachtet und filmt. Wer verliert wird bestraft.

Mit: Andy Prepp, Multi Wolf, Gaia Gai, Late Hot, Daniel Hopp

weitere Informationen / 2025 Kunst und Kultur e.V. / Ruhrstrasse 88 / 22761 Hamburg / 2025ev*gmx.de / gefördert durch die Kulturbehörde Hamburg