Cristiane Mohallem, *1974, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Sao Paulo

For this »AKTION« I will exhibit five needle drawings of trees and one landscape, and I also will welcome people, coming to the gallery, to join me in contemplating about the space and to draw/embroider with me.
I always have been drawn to the presence of trees and its surroundings. Therefore, I embroider them in order to apprehend their meanings and, perhaps, to reveal them. draw with a needle, tacking miscalculated and intertwined stitches on the fabric. My perception is that the comprehension of the world around us is not only a cognitive and conceptual understanding but also an aesthetic sensitivity. Therefore, the essence of a place/thing can be grasped by the mode of its existence. While drawing a tree I feel I am approaching it, experiencing the tree and its environmental. My aim is embroidery in which colors and gestures echo the rhythms of feelings and the sense of the image.

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