Chili Com Carne * 1995, Lisbon, Portugal Zine Collective
MMMNNNRRRG * 2000, Cascais, Portugal. Art Brut Comix Label

For this »AKTION« we will give you prints of books we made in the last two years. You just have to choose your favourite drawing and take it out of the wall! Why? Because we are not a selfish corporate whore! We like to give stuff, some with economic value... some not!
In this case these prints dont have any economic value because they are »inDUSTrial wasteland« - proofs before the books go to the offset machine. We could sell them because nowadays, people buy anything (or everything?). Even museums and art galleries keep all kind of Art in the most poorest and degradable materials - from sponge foam to literally artist's shit. A multiple, a copy, a simulacrum of a piece of Art that don't have value per se can also turn into something worth to save it, protect it, profit from it, etc ... at your home private collection. It's ridiculous! Take it or leave it!

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